Walking Dead


In such a world, you can survive only if you turn yourself into a monster.

It turns out that Rick was the one that killed Luke, a member of Daryl's new group. I was wondering since that group can hardly be called a group, why do they revenge Luke(为Luke报仇). You know that they don't have feelings for each other, they don't have to be brothers. They kill their member without regret. They found Rick. And push them nearest to the threshold of death. Then, the monster Rick came out. He deeply bit the arteria of his enemy and killed him. That shocks me. Incredible! He stagged another man's throat with a knife again and again. He totally lost himself. His son seemed afraid of him. But he quikly sucked up and tried to be a momster to survive.

Finally they all arrived at the Terminus. The peaceful phenomenon is so weried comparing to the chaose outside. Yes, there is trick. Terminus is a trick. The fellows arrived before, there is no sign of them. Instead, their belongings appeared on the original residents of Terminus. And they claimed to find them on dead body. Realising they have no need to hide, the residents torn up their fake mask and turned against them. They drove Rick and his companions to a carriage, where those friends finally reunioned.

This is the end of season 4. We see bloody bones in the backyard and I guess the residents of Terminus are actually luring people in the name of survive and shelter to Terminus in order to feed on them. Rick seemed confident to fight back and obviously he had back ups. Watch your head, you vicous residents. You have rovoked people you should't have revoked.


In this episode, we still have no idea where Beth is. So does Dyrel. But, don't worry. The outdoor cat seems to gradually fit into the group. I don't know if the group members are indoor cats. They don't have to be brothers. They just need you to follow the rules. If any rule was broken, you'd better watch yourself. They will beat you into death, turn you then kill you again, carelessly without any feelings.

Glen, Tara, together with the "save the world" team find the clue left by Maggie and her fellow and finally catch up with them. The script writer is a bad guy. Eugene know exactly what caused the breakout. But he has never given away a word so far. All we can see is, yeah, he is a smart and kind guy. In the tunnel, there is a moment, Glen and Tara were surrounded by walkers and would be pouced on. I think they they're ready to die but still hope there could be miracle. Lucky them, there is miracle.

They are the first group to arrive the Terminus. The others will arrive in the next episode. And what exactly is Terminus? Can it save all the people or it is just another trap? We'll see it in the next episode.

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