What kind of girl will you be ten years later?

You girls who are in your twenties,have you ever think about what kind of girls you'll be ten years later?

While chatting with my sister,I find that her signature has changed.It goes,'Time is the knife of a butcher.'

I ask her why.She doesn't answer but sends me a picture.It is a woman with a baby in her arms.The woman is fat with casually short hair and obviously double chin.Her jeans go tightly with her fleshly legs and bulging belly.Her light beige coat is a common one,but her smile,which would appear on the face of any mother,tells her happiness.

'Do you still remember Tingting?'my sister asks.I'm shocked.Unrecognizable!Tingting is my sister's schoolmate in high school.In my memory,she was thin and tall with dark skin and short hair ,too.But she looked cool and shiny then.Now she is twice or more fatter than she was.

Sister sends me another picture.This time,it is a woman with plain curl hair,a little fat body,sitting on the bed with a plush toy in arms and smiling.You can't say that she is not beautiful.However,it is true that she is the kind of woman who has lost her bloom and would not catch any attention in crowd.'She is Seagull.'my sister surprises me again.My sister is four years older than me.I was in middle school when she was in high school.But i was quite familiar with her classmates.At that time,I think Seagull was the most beautiful one of my sister's friends.She kept long hair and sometimes bound it up into two.She was thin and looked prettily like Sailor Moon when she was in dress.

Years passed away.I didn't see my sister's classmates any more.But beyond my expectation,they've changed so much even when they're younger than 30 years old.

'Now you can understand the meaning of my signature.'said my sister.Yes!I smiled to accept the shortness of women'youth.Now I understand why nowadays more and more women would like to say to The Third Woman that we all had youth and charm before.

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