A sound name desired

A sound name makes sense through one's life.

Sound here means easy to be kept in mind or the name is consist of words of simple structure.Besides,a name with the same words or same prononciation of a famous person is also sound.

If you have a sound name,you'll have a higher chance to be remembered.Teachers will ask you questions more frequently than others.Thus,you have a happier mood.You'll be much probably positive in your life and much closer to success.

As for me,my name is so complicated. Teachers must consider me as complicated as my name. Besides, a complicated name often goes with words seldom seen. If a teacher asks you questions,she is taking the risk of misread.

It is no exaggeration that the total times I was questioned can be counted with my fingers and toes,which sometimes makes me frustrated.So I hope my own baby will get a sound name. That's a deal!

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