If we have a key to get time back

This morning my cellphone fooled me. It showed me that the moment I waked up was 20:30 on January 1st,2010. In fact,it was 7 o'clock in the morning. I told Ray and asked him what was the time. Then he pretended to tell me that it was 20:30, it was January 1st,2010. We two idiots then pretended together. It was a lot of fun.

Then I recalled the signature one of my friends changed yesterday. He said computer has a key to setting everything back to origin. What if we have such a key, too?

For me, although I think I have wasted a lot of my time in college, I don't want the time back. If so,I would probably read the same book, do the same homework, attend the same exams. That's not cool! However, most people would like to get time back, for the mistakes they did, for the people they turned back on. It's a pity that science hasn't made it possible yet. But don't be upset. What we can and should do is to live the rest of our time to its worth. Let bygones be bygones. At then, you will find a brave new world. When you lie in bed and breathe your last, you will not be so regret about your life.

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