Twitter and Facebook Marketing

I recently worked as overseas sales intern in Miaxis Biometrics Co.,Ltd.

Besides releasing products on the Alibaba International, I also has to market on Twitter and facebook. How I market on these social networks is shown as follows.

As a small memeber in such big social networks, it is hard for search engine to hunt you down. So you should find some big trees to lean on. Seek keywords that is relevant to your business. Accounts with more followers has higher placing. Follow them, retweet their status and comment on their status. Grasp every opportunity to mention your product or your company.

Peers are good references. After you done releasing product, you'll find that you have nothing to release to keep your account active. Go find out what your peers do, what website they usually visit. Find the original link, don't just retweet it. If so, when your follower want to see more about your status, they click and go back to the original tweet. You are indirectly lead them away. Push them to others. On the other hand, share the original link of a passage will give others a feeling that you are constantly focusing on the line.

Carefully set your background. put up pictures of dominant products of your company.

Send festival greetings to improve your exsistance and strengthen the connection between you and your followers.

Connect facebook with twitter. Then twitter will automatically release news for you on facebook. Skip repeating and save your time.

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